Let’s share some memories here!

IMG_1781 IMG_1786444IMG_1717Kenny plays copDec 2011 010

IMG_1610Monica & Marshia502200Marshia & SarahSandy & KY FallMom n Sarah at MJ's634

IMG_2799?????????? SAMSUNG

Mom & brothers...

Mom & brothers…


Marshia's work and colleagues (LOL!!)

Marshia’s work and colleagues (LOL!!)

839Adrian & Chris

492IMG_0002_2 IMG_1773 IMG_1626 IMG_1686 IMG_1739 IMG_1785 IMG_1703  IMG_1784 John & I at Zoo IMG_1348IMG_1751


IMG_1601444Dec 2011 089happy anniversary! IMG_2799 Monica & Marshia Yosemite gathering 062 Grandma, Grandpa & Bill Kenny & Marshia at Breaks 848IMG_1418 IMG_1332 IMG_1338 501

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